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KC and FCRS FT Rules and Regulations

All field trials will be held in accordance with the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations and those of the Society. 

(The full set of KC Rules and Regulations governing Field Trials and GWTs, which are updated annually, can be obtained direct from the Kennel Club FT Dept)




The Society FT entry form can be downloaded from the website (Working Section, Working Forms)

Entry forms must be clearly printed as illegible entries may not be accepted

If additional forms are required, please photocopy as necessary

Please use separate forms and cheques for each dog entered in each stake

Please ensure you have enclosed the correct entry fee/s

Please allow enough postage time to meet the closing dates as no late, telephone or email entries can be accepted.

Please either include an email address or an sae for the result of the draw and directions

Substitution of entries will be allowed

The Society reserves the right to refuse any entry for a trial


Dogs should have had sufficient experience of retrieving game in the shooting field prior to the stake and those that are known to whine, bark or be unsteady should not be entered




The draw will take place the day after the closing date, or on the following Monday if the closing date is a Friday or Saturday; they will be independently witnessed.  Anyone wishing to attend any or all of the draws, please notify me accordingly so I can advise you of the venue and time.




These will be sent out with the result of the draw




The Society cannot accept liability for any claim arising from or relating to the running of their Field Trials


Should circumstances so dictate, the Society, in consultation with the Judges,, may alter arrangements as necessary.  Such changes and the circumstances surrounding them will be notified to the Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity.  No modification will be made to the schedules except by permission of the Kennel Club followed by advertising in appropriate journals (should time permit) before the closing date of entry.


Anyone with a run and withdrawing within seven days of the Trial will forfeit the whole entry fee unless a veterinary certifiate is made available.  However, dogs that qualify out of Novice after the closing date will have their entry fee refunded in full.


On the day, please follow the red flag (for safety reasons).


No competitor may withdraw their dog or leave the trial ground without informing the Chief Steward; again this is for safety reasons.