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Midland Area GWT (1) – 15.3.08

Midland Area – 15.3.08


Venue:   Sandhills Farm, Redditch

Judges:  Dennis Walker, Wendy Pittaway and Anna Yates


SPECIAL PUPPY (19 entries, 4 absent)


1st       Jane Gould's Warresmere Irish Mist  B  22.7.06

            (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Polka Popsy)

            H/0  B: Dr Woodgate-Jones


2nd      Tony Brazier's Sachbash Dylan  D  20.4.06

            (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Hullabaloo Scotch Mist)

            H/O  B: Ron Lane


3rd       Mr and Mrs Rees' Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams  B  2.4.07

            (Ch Riverflight Waveney x Eskwinds Beyond the Moon)

            H: Sandra Rees  O/B  


4th       Francesca Prentice's Idawood Ideal  D  4.6.07

            (Hawksthorn Dash x Rondix Waterhen of Idawood)



COMs  Mr and Mrs Broadbent's Rehyrb Nesna  B  7.4.07

            (Lewcombe Cedar of Cannimore x Rehyrb Kumble)

            H: Jane Broadbent   B: Jane Alexander


            Mr and Mrs Griffin's Eskwinds Chaffinch  B  2.4.07

            (Ch Riversflight Waveney x Eskwinds Beyond the Moon)

            H: Gill Griffin  B: Mr and Mrs Rees


SPECIAL VETERAN (10 entries 1 absent)


1st       Julie Matthew's Eskmill Nymph  B  20.9.98

            (Sh Ch Cleovine Derrynane x Ch Dreamer at Eskmill)

            H: Gary Ellison  B: Mrs Donnelly


2nd      Mrs Colson's Windyhollows Ch Tumbling Ted  D  2.8.98

            (Fossdyke Bronze Justin x Ch Windyhollows Gypsy Moth)

            H: David Showell  O/B


3rd       Mr and Mrs Friday's Rehyrb Navasha  B  14.4.98

            (Ch Cannimore Rambler x Rehyrb Juneau)

            H: David Friday  B: Jane Alexander


4th       Gary Ellison's Blackflight Henrietta  B  15.10.97

            (Ch Shargleam Cragmartin x Cleovine Shot Silk at Blackflight)

            H/O  B: Judy Showell


COM    Mr and Mrs Aldred's Wizardwood Celtic Sea  D  9.2.99

            (Ch Tiger Moth at Keepersend x Wizardwood Water Wraith)

            H: Keith Aldred  B: Mr and Mrs Forster