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Cotswold Area GWT – 22.3.08

Venue:    Broadmoor Farm, Shipston on Stour, Warwicks

Judges:  Graham Cox (A26), Jeff Boston (B2436), Phil Bruton and Mrs Rosemary Ryder



PUPPY (Breed only) (7 entries)


1st          Jane Broadbent's Rehyrb Nesna  B  7.2.07

               (Lewcombe Cedar of Cannimore x Rehyrb Kumble)

               H/O   B: Jane Alexander


2nd         Gill Griffin's Eskwinds Chaffinch  D  2.4.07

               (Ch Riversflight Waveney x Eskwinds Beyond the Moon)

               H/O:   B: Rees


3rd:         David Friday's Rehyrb Lillehammer  B  7.2.07

               (Lewcombe Cedar of Cannimore x Rehyrb Kumble)

               H/O  B: Jane Alexander



 AV NOVICE DOG/NOVICE HANDLER (7 entries, 2 absent)


1st          Jo Hawkins' Pinedale Alegra  GR B  7.9.05

               (Holway Victor x Dealminster Zena of Bednall)

               H/O  B: Verinder


2nd         Peter Munt's Gowran Gowran Gaelic Pewter of Rasenen  FCR B  23.7.05

               (Little Red Rooster of Varingo x Gowran Tres Cher)

               H/O  B: Chris Duffey and Hilary Huckle


3rd          David Coode's Ch Warringah's Bunya JW  Lab B  17.2.02

               (Ch Warringah's Digger x Warringah's Bunyip)




AV NOVICE (30 entries, 3 absent)


1st          Tony Braziers Sachbash Dylan  FCR D  20.4.06

               (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Hullabaloo Scotch Mist)

               H/O  B: Ron Lane


2nd         Gill Awty's Rainbow Queen  FCR B  20.2.05

               (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Black Venus)

               H/O  B: Vicky Wellfair


3rd         Angie Cooper's Dikeadaze Final Countdown  GR D  8.8.05

              (Ch Dikeadaze Wellingotn x Dikeadaze Hot Totty)



4th         Claire Raymond's Nobsquinton Diesel  Lab D  17.5.06

              (FT Ch Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway x Nosbquinton Lily)

              H/O  B: Jane Coley


COMs    Jo Hawkins' Roanlodge Chilli  GR B  12.8.02

              (Clancallum Fergus Mhor x Flush of Mark)

              H/O  B: Wadsworth


              Diane Barker's Benvellyn Amethyst  FCR B  27.7.05

              (Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves x Benvellyn Athena)

              H/O  B: Brian Jones



AV OPEN (20 entries)


1st         John Jones' Kilpen Domino  Lab D  6.5.01

              (Brindlebay Drummer x Hightide Bonnie)

              H/O  B: Theodorou


2nd        Graham Bird's Schedzando Pieces  GR D  10.8.02

              (Standerwick Remus of Merryway x Scherzando Grundy)

              H/O  B: Bridgwater


3rd        Rob Willatts' Gowran Indigo Extra CDex  FCR D  23.7.05

             (Little Red Rooster of Varingo x Gowran Tres Cher)

             H/O  B: Chris Duffey and Hilary Huckle


4th        Nick Rees' Olivertash Harvey of Whistlewinds  Lab D  19.6.04

             (FT Ch Flyline Clint x Olivertash Mist)

             H/O  B: Kathy Tuck


COM     Jane McHugh's Caveral Dew of Bittenham  Lab D 29.10.01

             (Wedingham Golden Wonder x Matilda of Lindford)

             H/O  B: Stese