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Midlands Area GWT (2) – 30.8.08

Venue:   Moat House Farm, Meriden

Judges: Gary Ellison, Jane Jacombs and Anne Vickery


NOVICE (30 entries, 1 absent, 1 NFC)


1st         Christine Robertson's Silver Thuja  B  18.6.04

              (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Western Hemlock)

              H/O  B: Charlotte Drake


2nd        Jo Hewison's Casblaidd Hazy Daisy  B  14.1.05

              (Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman x Casblaidd Foggy Dew)



3rd         Helen Smith's Ridlands Bounty  B  24.7.03

               (Varingo Richboy x Black Widdow)

               H/O  B: Richard Waddingham


4th         Gill Awty's Rainbow Queen  B  20.2.05

              (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Black Venus)

              H/O  B: Nicky Wellfair


COMs    Casper Jonsen's Vortex Tornado at Misticmaker  D  28.1.05

              (Yonsaff Rambler for Cleovine x Dark Star from Vortex)

              H/O  B: Warren Jones


              Chris Player's Wayworthy Anatasia  B  19.4.05

              (Sh Ch Withybed Drummer x Wayworthy Baby Spice)



              Sue Jones' Gayplume Flamboyant of Suchanoich  D  14.7.01

              (Sh Ch Gayplume Dream Maker x Sh Ch Gayplume Pure Style)

              H/O  B: Chris Murray


              Ann Hill's Prunella Loveliness B  15.4.06

              (Lovebry Refiners Fire x Gilduffe Vebina)

              H/O  B: Bawden