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Central Area Working Test 15th May 2022 Results

The Judges were Phil Bruton (A2718), David Godding, Fran Robb and Vicki Ruston


1st Rachel Birch with Varingo Magic of Light

CoM Caroline Hewison with Casblaidd Island in the Sky


1st Lindsay Swan with Swantonwood Gold Leaf

2nd Keith Manley with Brickley Blossom at Lenyam

3rd Keith Manley with Lenyam Solaway

4th Caroline Hewison with Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd

Very many thanks to my team of helpers without whom these tests could not happen and to the Judges who gave up their time to stand for much of the time in the rain but never lost their cheerfulness and kindness.

Vivienne Gatter