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INTER AREA TEAM CHALLENGE – Saturday 15th July 2023

At Brockhill Farm, Brockhill Lane, Redditch Worcestershire. B97 6RB

Meet: 9.15am for 9.30 Start

Judges: Mr N Onens, Mrs S Onens, Mrs Helen Chatterton, Mrs J Gardener and Mr C Gardener.

Details of entry have been sent to the Area Organisers:

Central:  Vivienne Gatter
Midland: Rachel Birch    

South West:Sara Thurgold​

Cotswold: Heather Harley      
Wessex: Keith Manley      

Eastern: Andrew Wilson​    
Southern:Sarah Young          

NEFRA: Charlotte Smith 

SFCRS: Lindsay Kinnaird       

SFRC: Suzi Tagg

Please contact your Area Organiser to express interest in taking part. It is hoped members are loyal to their Areas foremost but are willing to run for other Areas should the need arise. Entry is only through your Area Organiser or WT Sec for Affiliated Clubs.

Teams are made up of four members, one dog of Open Standard, two dogs of Novice standard (who have no award in Field Trials, 1st 2nd or 3rd in Open WTs or 1st in Novice WT), and one Puppy( 6-18mths) orND/NH( neither dog or handler to have won award at Field Trial or WT with exception of Puppy/Sp Puppy or other than 1st in ND/NH) . The lowest score for each team at each test will be discounted from final team scores.

The day will consist of five Team tests which will as nearly as possible reflect scenarios of a Shooting Day therefore there will be gunshot and dogs will be expected to retrieve from various cover and water.

This is not a classified event therefore no award counts towards entry criteria for any other event or towards Culmquill GWT Trophy points. Dogs must be KC registered and owners/handlers members of FCRS, NEFRA, Scottish FCRS or Southern FlatcoatedRetriever Club.

Enquiries: to your Area Organiser or Jane Manley (FT Sec.)